Unique Birthday Invitations for Adults


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at Brenda 22 years old birthday party.

Brenda is a big fan of unique things. She is one of the unique person who ever lived. She likes to dress in unusual ways, she doesn’t like to follow the trend but she is a trendsetter.

bowling unique birthday invitations for adult

Her styles is so unique, she likes to have some haircut in some hair dye. She likes to try experiencing colors, such as: orange, purple, light blue, grey and so much more.

Her outfit also always unique, she likes to mixed some styles and make it fabulous.

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halloween unique birthday invitations for adult

The birthday party theme is unique birthday party. You can use some “quirky” hairstyles, such as Mohawk for guys, having braids or long wig hairstyles.

For the girls can use some short scenes haircut, Marylin Monroe looks or edgy haircut wigs for girls.

bachelorette unique birthday invitations for adult

You also can add some accessories in it, such as: headband, bandannas or hat. You can use your favorite actor or actress or even movie character to make your unique looks.

The birthday party will have awarded for the best look, best costume, best hairstyles and best accessories.

spa unique birthday invitations for adult

The party will be decorated as in the Berlin Wall which has much painting in it in the wallpaper. It also will have some graffiti as the party decorations.

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The party also will have some fun activities, such as: showing acrobats, break dance, fun salto and some fun activities which make the party getting more fun.

football unique birthday invitations for adult

The birthday party also will served some food and beverages for adults only. The party will be so much fun with some dishes which create in unique ways.

The birthday party is in: Friday, 17 February 2017, in 18:00-21:00, at 4807 Lady Bug Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.


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