Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Invitations


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join at Malcolm 3 years old birthday party.

Malcom is a sweet toddler who like to watching some cartoon movies.

thomas the tank enginee photos birthday invitations

His favorite cartoon movie is Thomas The Tank Engine. Thomas is a train character which is a fictional steam locomotive character which in The Railway Series Books.

He like to watch the movies every day, he obsessed on that character.

The birthday party theme is Thomas the Tank Engine. The decorations will be set as in The Island of Sodor.

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That will be a railroad of Thomas decorations which is a railways stations as in the Thomas movies, such as: Knapford, Vicarstown, Wellsworth, Tidmouth, Harwick and Hackenbeck.

It also will have a engineer hats and whistles. The tablecloths will be set as red, white and blue. You can pick your favorite Thomas color as your sit.

thomas the tank enginee cool birthday invitations

The birthday dress code is blue, white and red, you can pick your favorite colors to wear.

Every kids will get a engineer hats while entering the party room, so don’t forget to bring the birthday invitation to get the hats.

The party will also have some games which is very entertaining for sure.

thomas the tank enginee birthday invitations cool

The kids will playing games in Thomas movie which is playing a railroad games. Someone being the victim and  sit in the front and lead the crowd in their back and all holding on the waist while the songs playing, but when the songs stop and order find 3 friends, so you should find a friends in 2 in a group. The last person who didn’t do as the orders will get some fun more entertaining challenge to get prizes.

kids thomas the tank enginee birthday invitations

The dishes also will create in train theme, you can get cake which made in a delicious Oreo and black licorices decorate as in train, so everyone can taste it.

The birthday party will be held in: Saturday, 6 February 2016, at 16:00-18:00, in 4404 Arbutus Drive, Miami, FL 33179.




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