Hot Wheels Birthday Party Invitations


Hi Guys, Let’s come and join at Alex 5th birthday party. Alex will be turning 5 years old in a few weeks.

Alex is a big fan of hot wheels. That is a car toys which is now are popular in a video games, TV series, DVD and T-shirt. The car toy is every boys favorite toys.

fire hot wheels birthday party invitations

The birthday party will be decorate in Hot Wheels themed. The decoration of tablecloth, tableware, spoon, forks, plastic cups, plastic plates and napkins will all in Hot Wheels theme.

photos hot wheels birthday party invitations

Each table will have different design, there are some Hot Wheels Cars pictures, Hot wheels tires, Black and white checkers as a flag to start a race in some colors.

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The decorations also will have some balloons in the ceiling that you can get for free for everyone.

That also will have a racing flags, street signs and license plates as the decoration it also had a traffic light in red, yellow and green which made it seems so real as in the Hot Wheels movie.

general hot wheels birthday party invitations

It also will add with some sign like a yield sign, stop sign, railroad crossing sign as in the street.

The dress code is red, white, blue, green and black as the Hot Wheels car color.

The party will have some cars race, everyone can bring their own Hot Wheels toys, or if you don’t have, it can be providing in the party and let’s race!

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The birthday party will be held in:

Date: Friday, 13 May 2016

Time: 15:00-18:00

Place: 3968 Ottis Street, Minco, OK 73059.



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