Surprised Birthday Party Invitations for Adults


Hi Guys, Let’s come and join us at Bruce 20 years old birthday party. Bruce will be turning 20 years old and we would like to give him the best surprise birthday party ever!

The birthday party is only for adults, for over 18 years old. The birthday party is at his favorite restaurant. He would not know that he will get surprise birthday party.

magazine surprise birthday party invitatons for adults

He likes music and he has his own band when he was in high school. He was the drummer but he also has a good voice.

The birthday party theme is music birthday party. Everyone can bring your favorite songs, the party will have the music performance of all the songs that he played while he was in high school.

cocktails surprise birthday party invitations for adults

It also will have DJ on the party so everyone can dance on the dance floor. That also will served food for everyone.

He likes Italian food which has Pasta, Baked Ziti, Frittata and Tortellini. The birthday party will served all his favorite Italian food and also with some dessert, such as: Panna Cota, Sorbet and Amalfi Lemon Meringue Cheesecake.

flowers surprise birthday party invitations for adults

The birthday party also will have some music performance from his band who sings Happy Birthday to him.

His girlfriend is in other state and he missed his girlfriend, in this birthday party she will come surprised him.

plain surprise birthday party invitations for adults

While welcoming her, we would like to asking you to do some surprise action for him that makes him shocked and feels so happy in his birthday.

The birthday party also will have cocktails for everyone and finger food before starting the party.

The birthday party is in: Tuesday, 25 March 2014, in 17:30-21:00, at 3552 Gorby Lane, Richton, MS 39476.


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