Personalized Birthday Invitations for Adults


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at Emma 26 years old birthday party. Emma is turning 26 years old in the next 3 weeks.

She likes to come meet a lot of people, she always get invited in every birthday party.

elegant personalized birthday invitations for adults

Emma is very friendly person and she has a lot of friends, she likes to meet everyone and having fun with everyone, even for someone she just met.

The birthday party theme is adult birthday party. The party is only for over 18 years old.

balloons personalized birthday invitations for adults

The party will have so much fun things to do, like having fun games, food, dance and some funny performance.

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The party will be decorated in silver streamers. That will have her favorite color as the decorations.

beer personalized birthday invitations for adults

It has silver curtains, glitz hanging decorations in silver and it also has number 26 in the hanging decorations in silver color in the doorway of the party room.

It also will have some photo booth at the corner of the party room which decorated in silver tinsel foil curtains.

wine personalized birthday invitations for adults

Everyone is free to taking a picture in the photo booth corner. Everyone will get one photo booth ticket while filling the guest book and sign the big canvas.

The birthday party also has strobe lights while there is music performance at the stage. It also will have disco balls for the dance time in the end of the birthday party event.

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lampion personalized birthday invitations for adults

That will served excellent dishes and also it has cocktails and finger food while the party.

And also it has music performance and dance performance. That will be the greatest birthday party ever!

The birthday party is in: Friday, 25 July 2014, in 18:00-21:00, at 3398 Fieldcrest Road, Garden City, NY 11530.


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