Personalized Minnie Mouse First Birthday Invitations


Hi Guys, please come and join us in Gretchen 5th birthday party.

Gretchen is a big fan of Minnie Mouse. Everywhere she go, she always bring her Minnie Mouse dolls, the dolls like her best friend which always there with her.

The birthday party theme is Minnie Mouse. The birthday party will be set all in pink and red as Minnie favorite dress color.

triple pictures personalized minnie mouse 1st birthday invitations

The party will be so cute with using all the decorations in Minnie Mouse decorations. The decoration also will be completed by a lot of balloons on the ceiling which make it more rousing.

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All the stuff such as: plate, cups, napkins, tissue paper, tablecloth, cutlery and so much more will make the party more completed just like in a Minnie Mouse world.

cute personalized minnie mouse 1st birthday invitations

The dress code is pink and red. Pink is the dress code for girl and Red is the dress code for boys.

Everyone will get a free balloons which is in Minnie pictures in it. Pink balloon is for girls and Red balloon for boys.

The party also will have a fun games which is using the balloon, so let’s get ready for the game, the winner will get a cute prize.

pictures personalized minnie mouse 1st birthday invitations

The dishes will be so delicious, you can get a cute Minnie Mouse chocolate in any form and you can get a free cupcakes in your tables.

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The party will be held in: Saturday, 14 November 2015, at 16:00-18:30, in 4057 James Martin Circle, Hilliard, OH 43026.

See you soon at the party!





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