Elegant 50th Birthday Party Invitations


Ladies and Gentleman, Please come and join at Mrs Emily 50th birthday party. Mrs Emily is the owner of Soup Opera Boutique.

She is a successful businesswoman which is in the top 100 Forbes list.

black gold elegant 50th birthday party invitations

She start her career by working in a corporations as a staff and then her career is become increasing and by the time she got promoted as a executive.

When she was in the age 30 years old, she was thinking to make more money and having her own business.

With the money she had been saving during she was working in the company, she made her own company and now she has her own fashion boutique.

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lady elegant 50th birthday party invitations

She like elegance things, she know how to make something in cheap price can be produced as an expensive price. She has a talent to make everything become elegant.

Mrs Emily loved to create a party dress for non formal party, semi formal party or formal party.

champagne elegant 50th birthday party invitations

Her favorite material is a sequin dress. That is so elegant to wear her first collection which has been made in a gold color, it makes the dress looks so luxurious and expensive.

elegant 50th birthday party invitations card

Mrs Emily birthday party themed is elegant. The dress code is formal party dress for girls could be long or short dress with a glamour touch and a suit and tie for guys.

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gold elegant 50th birthday party invitations

The birthday party dishes will be serving a lot of elegance which made by Chef Wolfgang Puck and you can enjoy the champagne during the party.

The decoration will be absolutely stunning by some gold touch and it also will have a performance by Keith Martin to make the party fun.

The party will be held in:

Date: Saturday 27 February 2016

Time: 18:00-21:00

Place: 2218 Tree Frog Lane, Independence, MO 64050.

Don’t forget to come, your presence is enough.


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