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Minnie Mouse First Birthday Invitations


Minnie Mouse would be a great theme for a first birthday party theme of your little girl. Colorful and sweet, Minnie provide enough ideas for a birthday party. In addition you can also save money when planning a party to make itself a party invitation Minnie Mouse, this will be a craft project that is inexpensive and fun.

Baby Minnie Mouse First Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Choose artwork favorite Minnie Mouse, you can buy some rat Disney clip collection or just use your personal image. You can find pictures online for download. It is very easy, simply do a search Minnie Mouse, right click on the image and Save As. Save the image to your desktop so you can easily find it later.

Baby Minnie Mouse First Birthday Invitations Custom Photo

Write down all of your party information, such as date, time and location as well as games or activities that should be known by your guests. Then open the desktop publishing software and use the half-fold greeting cards. By using the half-fold cards will allow to have enough room for all the party information and graphics that will be enjoyed by children. Use the landscape rather than portrait orientation.

Free Sample Minnie Mouse First Birthday Invitation Templates

Browse to locate the image Minnie Mouse and click insert. Put your picture on the front of the card and leave some space to write the text of the invitation. Pad front page, enter text. Click on the text box and type in simple words.

Personalized Minnie Mouse First Birthday Invitations With Photos
Move view the first three. Here you will enter all your party information. Enter the date, time and location of the party as well as RSVP or any information that you think is important.

Pink And Black Polka dot Minnie Mouse First Birthday Invitations
Add colorful graphics like a polka-dot hair bow or small Minnie picture. Finally, print your invitations on your blank card stock. Be sure to flip and rotate the card stock you need to print the pages in the correct order.

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