Kids Birthday Party Invitations Wording


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at my son, Bobby 5 years old birthday party. Bobby likes super hero movies.

icon free printable boys birthday invitations

He likes all kind of super hero movies, such as: Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Hulk and so much more.

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His favorite super hero movie is Spiderman and he also likes to collect all the Spiderman stuff, like the clothes, pajamas, bags, pencil box and so much more.

The birthday party theme is Spiderman. The dress code is red. The party dress code is red. Everyone also can wear spiderman costume.

spiderman free printabel boys birthday invitations

The birthday party will be decorate as in the New York City, that will have a big New York skyline wallpaper which is showing lots of buildings and it has Spiderman climb over the buildings with the web.

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That also will have red and blue balloons with the spiderman piñata and also it has some web decorations to make it more real.

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The party also will have some fun games for the kids. That will have “Get the Bad Guys” game.

Kids will give some water guns or slime guns and they should pointing out the guns to the villains picture. The kids who can shot right at the middle of villains much will be the winner.

web free printable boys birthday invitations

The party also will have some more games like spider web prizes. That will have web which yarn tied around the chair, tables, wardrobe and everywhere. Kids should find out where is the end of the yarn tied. That will have a small step of the web yarn which related from places to places.

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The kids who can find the end of the yarn and find the Spiderman prizes can take the prizes.

The birthday party is in: Monday, 21 October 2013, at 16:00-18:00, at 464 Lochmere Lane, Hartford, CT 06182.


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