Free Surprise Birthday Party Invitations


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at Janet 18 years old birthday party. The birthday party is a surprise birthday party.

The party will be very special with some crazy idea. The birthday party theme is home birthday party.

hat free surprise birthday party invitations

The party will be held after the birthday girl is already back home after her school activities.

The party will have some surprises after a long day everyone tricked her to annoyed, ignoring and try to upset her.

cupcakes free surprise birthday party invitations

Everyone should act like forget her birthday, make she feels like everyone doesn’t realize that today is her birthday.

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Her dream birthday party is her brother in Georgia and her close friends in Indiana comes to her birthday party.

glamour free surprise birthday party invitations

She has been almost a year didn’t meet them, she just able to skype with them once a week.

The birthday party will decorate as her dream birthday party. That will have purple decorations.

The party will have purple tablecloths and soft purples napkins. The chair will be in light brown.

candles free surprise birthday party invitations

It also will have string lights in all over the room, that will makes the party room looks so glamour. The birthday party also will have candles in every tables and flowers.

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She is also will giving her favorite purple dress that she really want to buy.

The birthday party will have some special performance by her boyfriend and her friends sings her favorite songs.

plain free surprise birthday party invitations

The birthday party also will served her favorite food and it also has some fun games for everyone. The birthday party will ended up by surprise her with his brother and his close friend coming.

So let’s come and join us to the party!

The birthday party is in: Wednesday, 10 July 2013, in 17:30-19:30, at 489 Elk Street, Newport Beach, CA 92660.


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