Invitations To A Birthday Party


Hi Guys, Please join at Alice’s 18th birthday party. Alice loved cooking. She was cooking since she is 10 years old.

Her mother has a restaurant in the downtown, she always cooking for her friends in Saturday after school.

chef invitations to a birthday party

She want to celebrate her birthday by cooking all menu that she is expert to cook.

She can cook Chinese Food, Latin food and American food.

cook invitations to a birthday party

She like to try new recipe or making her own recipe for some food.

In her birthday she want to invite all his friends and family to taste her cook and she is also giving a cooking demonstration for some menu.

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sweet cook invitations to birthday party

The birthday party will be set as a in a restaurant, so you will get more food in every tables to taste.

She also can make some pastry, you will find a beautiful food served on each table.

The party is not only just for cooking, you also can fill the birthday event with singing or dance while you taste the food.

baking invitations to a birthday party

You can pick the songs to play or you can sing to the stage and dance, it will be a lot of fun party.

The party is not complete by games. That will be a very fun party with some interesting prizes for the winner games.

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pink cook invitations to a birthday party

There is no dress code in the birthday party. You can wear anything that comfortable.

The party will be held in:

Date: Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Time: 17:00-19:00

Place: 4574 Shinn Avenue, Butler, PA 16001

You can bring home the free sample as souvenir. Don’t forget to come!



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