50th Birthday Party Invitations For Men


Hi Guys, Please join at Mr. Austin 50th birthday party.

Let’s have fun with having a man’s day in Mr. Austin birthday.

He is turning 50, so we will make his birthday being unforgettable moment for a lifetime.

glamour 50th birthday party invitations for men

The birthday party is only for men. Any men in age 17 until 60 can join to the party.

The party will have a lot of fun things that only men can do.

gold 50th birthday party invitations for men

The party will start by watching football games in the noon and the continued by watching a rock concert in the night and after that we can continue by having a cocktail party.

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That will be a lot of fun birthday party ever!

cool 50th birthday party invitations for men

The party will not complete with my favorite food, nacho, taco with jalapeno and a hamburger while we watched the game, we can have all you can eat packet. So everyone will enjoy the game and the food.

My 50th birthday is not complete by a movie. So after we were back to the football game match, we will watch a movie in the cinema.

army 50th birthday party invitations for men

Everyone can choose which kind of movie to watch, could be a war movies such as: The hurt locker, Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan or any kind of movies.

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The party will be so much fun with a all day long men’s activities, we also could spend it by having a soccer or football games or any kind of sport we would like to play.

The party will be held in: Saturday, 27 August 2016, at 11:00 until finish.

tuxedo 50th birthday party invitations for men

We all will be gather around in my house at the beginning of the party, in 2206 Patterson Fork Road, Burr Ridge, IL 60527.

Don’t forget to come, See you soon!




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