Hello Kitty Personalized Birthday Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us at Katie 4 years old birthday party.

Katie likes kitten and she likes pink. The first time her mother bought her Hello Kitty dolls, she likes that dolls a lot.

neon hello kitty personalized birthday invitations

Since that day, she was collecting a bunch of the cute pink and white cat themed items. She has the bags, plastic plates, plastic cup, lunch box, shirt, skirt, pajamas, stationary and so much more.

She also has a lot of Kitty dolls in her shelf and her bedroom. Whenever she is going somewhere, she is always wearing Kitty accessories.

cute hello kitty personalized birthday invitations

The birthday party theme is Hello Kitty. The dress code is Pink and White. Pink for girls and White for boys.

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The party will be decorate in pink and white glitz hanging decorations at the doorway and it also have the pink and white balloons at the doorway which shaped full rectangle balloons at the doorway.

sticker hello kitty personalized birthday invitations

It also will have pink carpet for the guest to enter the party room and in the stage that will have more decorations in the themed which filled by pink tablecloth and napkins in each tables.

It also will have white cutlery and some Kitty miniatures put in each tables as the decorations.

girl hello kitty personalized birthday invitations

The party also will served food in the Kitty themed plastic plates and plastic cups. It will served delicious food for the guest.

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The party will have fun games for everyone. The winner will get special prizes in the themed character.

pink hello kitty personalized birthday invitations

The party also will give the guest door prize. Please, bring your invitations card and save your code number. The door prize winner will be revealed at the end of the party.

The birthday party is in: Friday, 9 June 2017, in 16:00-18:00, at 2546 Cabell Avenue, Beltsville, VA 20705.


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