Boy Girl Twin Birthday Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join at Cooper and Clara 9 years old birthday party.

Cooper and Clara are the sweet twin siblings. Cooper and Clara likes to spending time together and play some games.

cow boy girl twin birthday invitations

They are solid team siblings. They were living in Texas and just got moved to North Carolina, in this birthday party they want to have Texas ambiance.

The birthday party theme is cowboy and cowgirl. The dress code is ginghams, cowboy hats, jeans, vest, boots and bandanna.

photograph boy girl twin birthday invitations

The birthday party also will have more fun by the decorations has more straw and wallpaper of cowboys stunt.

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It also will have the rodeo for the kids to play. The party also will have more fun games to have fun.

red and blue boy girl twin birthday invitations

The party will have games, such as: Horseshoe Toss, Squirt Gun Target Practice, Square Dancing, Stick Horse Relay Race and Cowboy Boot Pinata.

The most fun game is Squirt Gun Target Practice. That is so cowboy looks! The guest will shot the target which in plastic bottle or some toy as the target, the person who can shot all the target in certain times will be the winner.

farm boy girl twin birthday invitations

Kids also can have fun by shot some shooting target by plastic guns. The games will have special prizes for the winner. Everyone is free to join the game. So let’s join the party!

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The party also will be served some cowboy food, such as: Guacamole, Steak and Ribs, Hamburger and Hot Dogs.

cowboy and cowgirl boy girl twin birthday invitations

It also will have snacks, such as: Tortilla Chips with salsa sauce. For the beverages it will have fruit juice and some ice cream in any flavor.

The birthday party is in: Friday, 8 July 2016, in 16:00-20:00, at 1684 Ingram Road, Asheboro, NC 27203.



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