Funny 50th Birthday Party Invitations


Please come and join to my 50th birthday party. The birthday party theme is funny 50th birthday. In this birthday, I would like to use some unique themes for my special birthday.

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There will be a game for duel in stand up comedy challenges, so everyone is allowing to go to the stage and give your best jokes in the stage. There is no limit of age on the games, so everyone can join freely.

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You can also imitated your favorite comedian or act like your favorite comedian in any movie scene and make it as a games challenge. The person who is having closer act will be head to head then we will see who is the best to get a winner.

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quotes funny 50th birthday party invitations

Dress code is free. You can also dress like your favorite comedian or your favorite movie character, for example: Jim Carrey from Ace Ventura.

words funny 50th birthday party invitations

I can make sure this party will brings you too much laugh and this is will be very entertaining and the coolest party ever. The winner will get an amazing gift!

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The invitation is for more than 1 person, you can bring your own food also. This is a non-formal party so you can bring everyone. So get ready to give your best jokes and win the prize!

Don’t forget to bring the invitation card to get a masquerade as a ticket. See you at the party!

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The party is in Friday, 30 October 2015 at 19:00-21:00, in 554 Wisteria Lane, Portland, OR






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