Baby Mickey 1st Birthday Party Invitations


Please come and join at baby Mickey 1st birthday party. Mickey is almost turning one this month, it was such a lot of blessing he’s born in this world. He is such an adorable little baby, I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

cute animal doll 1st birthday party invitations

Mickey is growing up so fast. I will be honor to invite you to be the part of his life. Make this moment become memorable since he was born and that is a beautiful moment in life.

baby 1st birthday party invitations

The birthday party theme is Disney. In this birthday, I would like to use some cute themes for Mickey special birthday.

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cake 1st birthday invitations

There will be a praying time before the party and then it will continue by lunch and it has some games to make the event getting more fun. There also will be a performance to a local band to make the party fun.

sweet baby 1st birthday party invitations

There is no dress code in this party and the invitation is available for two people. I can make sure this party will be a great party. Kids would love it by some Disney clown as a special guest and there is a photo booth for the kids or everyone who wants to take a picture and you can bring the picture home.

sweet 1st birthday party invitations

You will get a souvenir from the baby Mickey turning one. I am so glad to invite you seeing our Mickey is growing up now.

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The party is in Sunday, 15 November 2015 at 10:00-12:00, in 345 Grand Oak, Visalia, California

I Can’t wait to see you at the party. See you soon!






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