Having a baby must be a blessing from God that every woman must hope for it. Therefore, why don’t you show your thankfulness to God by holding a showering party? Invite your family, friends, and your neighbors with a winter wonderland baby shower invitation. This invitation might be lovely since it has a simple but interesting design idea. Let you download our free printable winter wonderland baby shower invitation template here on our web page!

Our wonderland invitation is free to download. You just need to be online and select the download button that exists above or below your chosen invitation. Because it is blank, you must write the details such as your baby’s name-to-be, the date, location, and the time yourself. Well, you might use apps such as Windows Photo Viewer, Paint, Photoshop, or PicsArt available on your phone or PC.

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Winter wonderland invitation may be nice for baby boys but it suits more perfectly for girls. Anyway, our invitation uses the white background choice with a large, blue double brace shape. It has a snow-patterned picture with different color selections and sizes. One has a small, blue snow picture option. Meanwhile, others require a large, grey snow picture.

Our free printable winter wonderland baby shower invitation template comes in 5×7 inches invitation size. It is also available in a portrait and landscape page layout option with the high-resolution image result. If you want to print the invitation, you could use your home printer if you have. This might be helpful to save your budget.

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However, before printing, let you consider using certain invitation paper first. A board cardstock, a pearlescent, or engraving paper sounds great. They are qualified and hardly damaged as well. Now, it’s time to share your invitation to others! You might give the invitation directly to their home or use the postman’s service!



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