Tell your children to throw back their transformer comics and get ready for their birthday celebration. Our collections called transformers birthday invitations can be downloaded for free only on this website.  With transformer invitations, you would provide your boy with very good invitation templates where you can make a good birthday party with it!

Well, can be downloaded quickly only on this site. You can visit our page whenever you need to get several sheets needed for your quick access. Below are several sheets which is very important for you. Take a look below:






As you can see, there are no white spot on the invitations. However, you can see that the invitations color is brown. That’s not a matter. You still can write the information about the invitations on it. Put several words below the transformers’ icon:

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“Hello, what do you waiting for? Our transformers would fly and run into you! You need to run with her or him!”

“What do you think about (name)? He must be loved with transformers! He have her birthday party on (date)”

Put the information on the invitations. Meanwhile, you need to put several details also such as name of the sender, the address and the direction also to make your guest easily found the birthday place.

You can download the items above easily and you can set up the 5 to 7′′ inches by entering JPG magazines. Don’t be afraid, our items come in a high-quality image. The invites can then be edited through Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word.  You can operate graphical tools like Photoshop or CorelDraw to make it much simpler.

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Some steps to access the invitation can be pursued:

  1. Move the image cursor.
  2. Choose the pads on the right.
  3. Save click.
  4. Do not forget the special folder to store it


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