What could be unique? What could have been more enjoyable? Than a birthday celebration for a little boy / girl who turns one! Well, the invitations, on this edition, can be used for many things. You can use not only for the birthday party but also for baby shower. Well, let’s see the invitations below. You can see that the ornaments of the invitations placed on the center like not a usual templates. That what makes the invitations looks so unique.

You can write the details around the invitations. As the example, try to write the title on above, then, write the details such as date, place, and purposes below the images.

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You can write down several words here:

“Splish splash, it’s a superhero bash! Join us as we celebrate (name)’s 6th birthday!”

“Calling all avengers! Captain (name) is turning 5. Don’t forget to bring swim suit!”

Because it’s a free model, you can readily access it. Just press on the save and you can get the model you can use. Now, how can we use it to design the birthday invitations for our children? It’s really easy. If you don’t have software, you can readily discover free software on the internet.







Well, if you are not techie enough, please invite your friends who has skilled enough for resize the sheets in the Photoshop. Add the necessary details such as information, moment, date and place of your sunflower birthday event.

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Your existence is the greatest current we need. Come swimming and have enjoyment! See you and appreciate yourself!

Well, the last question should not be forgotten: How to get the sheets? Just download it by clicking on the right and select save to download. What you need to do is to save it on the folder which is very good for you.



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