Your children are getting older. Hello all, today I’ll offer you a few suggestions to celebrate your children’s nice 16th birthday celebration. Birthdays for young people are sometimes more difficult than for children, because normally they have a will of their own. On sixteen years old birthdays there are plenty things that you can do.

You don’t need to worry about the invitations since we provide some for you. Our collections are free so you just need to download all the sheets only by clicking on the right and select save to download. Below are several sheets which can be provided for you. The invitations will also have a white spot where you can write your message there.

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Write on it:

“Join us for (name)’s sweet 16 pool party”

“Come celebrate (name)’s 16th birthday!”

As you can see, above are several words which you can take from our collections. It can be placed on the white spot. Place it under the title. Well, the various colors can be choosing according to your birthday theme. If your birthday is about a boy celebrating his birthday party, you can choose the brown, then, if your birthday party is about a girl celebrating her birthday party, you can choose the pink one.

Everyone can take more sleeping bags and the tent will also have rooms. The events will also have enjoyable meals for the children. That’s going to have hamburger, grilled hot dogs, and it’s going to have pizza for everyone. It will also have early evening snacks, as well as some warm tea, hot chocolate and some milkshake. The birthday celebration will also share ghost stories and view football matches from the mini TV monitor together.

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Before celebrating the birthday, send the invitation to your friends. It may be sent via email or other social media. It would be good if you print the invitations directly through machine. Choose the best paper that can absorb the ink. You can choose to use matte paper to make it real.



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