Yohoo! Hello, we’re all glad to invite you to the birthday celebration of our child. He is now increasing up, and this month is about to transform eight. He can’t delay until his next birthday is celebrated.  He’s fond of rainbow all the time. Thus, we’re going to have steady invitations so that everyone can better meet each other and work together.

Certain children like something which is unique and fun. For birthday, we can organize video invitations which contain several pictures of him. Well, we may use some invitations below and use it as a college pictures in a video invitations. Before, you need to edit the invitations below first. Write on the white spot or so called blank spot:

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“A magical day is on the way. Please join us to celebrate (name)’s 5th birthday”

“Young, Wild and 3. Please join us to celebrate (name)’s third birthday!”

If you are unhappy with the 5×7” inches sizes of Free Rainbow Pamper Birthday Invitations, you can still manage its quantity with the use of an image editor. The inclusion of a various photographs can also be a good answer for having the utmost of its finest. It is not a nice choice to keep the center ring untouched.

Browse FREE Rainbow Pamper Invitation Templates below








You still can handle its volume by using some picture editor when you are not happy with the 5x 7″ inches dimensions of the Free Rainbow Pamper Birthday Invitations. It’s not a nice option to leave the middle circle empty.

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Thus, some of the recommendations of words can still be used:  Open with this simple sentence and prepare yourself to greet the warm visitors! You can use the paper which has a smooth texture. The smooth texture can be friendly with the laser printers. Since sometimes the laser printers apply a layer of ink on top of the paper. The best paper that meets those criteria is jasmine paper. Using jasmine, the rainbow picture would look so bright and live with the glossy effect! Try it!



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