Your children are increasing up. Hello everyone, today I’m going to offer you some advice on having the happy sixteen birthday celebration for your children. Sometimes organizing birthdays for teenagers tends to be difficult than for children because they generally already have their own will.

If your children are offering to schedule the event on their own, it’s fine, you can just give some assistance. You should then settle down and brainstorm with your children about their birthday party and compose it down when you get some thoughts. Some important items to prepare are invites, meals, ornaments, or maybe souvernir if you want. Do not forget that they also needs a birthday invitations.






Below are several sheets which can be used for invitations. Our theme today is sweet shop:

As you can see, there is blank spot where you can add several words there. Try to give simple words there for opening such as:

“Please join us for the sweetest celebration! (Name) 5th birthday”

“Join us in candy land for a sweet celebration! (name) is turning 4!”

The question is: How to download the invitation?

Well, you can follow our steps below:

The steps are: 1) click the image and right-click, select ‘save as’ to store it in the image version. 2) open a sheet in Ms. Word, for example, copy the image of your folder, then paste it into the worksheet, 3) edit the size as needed,

Before printing, you can pick up a digital picture of your child in white clothes and place it on the invitations before inviting them. Use your laptop’s editing software to put the pictures in the image.

Well, the last step is printing the invitations. So, what paper that you are going to use? You can use the matte paper if you want. However, the matte paper is cheap and can be found anywhere in the nearest shop. That’s why we recommend you to use this sheets.


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