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FREE Princess Snow White Invitation Templates


Attention everyone, Princess Rose asks for your appearance in her castle. Hello everyone, let’s come and meet us in celebrating Rose’s fifth birthday event. We’re so happy to welcome you to enjoy the big day together. Every kid is particularly fond of Snow White. This moment her birthday celebration will be about snow white. She intends to shine on her group as fairly as snow white.

We will also provide a lot of versions so the visitors can choose several sheets that they need. We’re going to make sure you’re going back complete. We also welcome several people here for their task.






We can’t expect to greet you to our events this Saturday. Your existence is Rose’s greatest hope. See you and appreciate the event!

Put several words on the white spot. Below are several recommendation that is used for the invitations:

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“Join us for a Royal Celebration Snow is turning four”

“Princess Sarah is turning 3. Please come join us for a royal celebration”

The invitation comes in 5 x 7” inches and still can be customized. You can use your skills in editing the good pictures using our sheets. Just download all the sheets by following these simple rules:

  1. Select on the right of the picture you are going to download.
  2. Then, you need to save the pictures or the pages into your file by choosing the ‘save as’.
  3. Finally, your photos can be downloaded into your file. You can customize the sheets using the photo editor. Just grab it using right and save.

These various documents can be used by you. I hope that this will help you find a good idea for the events. But it’s also the right route to make your own copies. BOOM! Adding a little creativity, you can add some text which can be very important such as date, time, event, and place. Then you can also add several details such as the place, date, and the dress code which are needed to be sent.

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Well, because our pages come in flexibility and safety from viruses, you can adapt them freely. Not only can the text you can insert with the photo editor, but several photos of babies can also be placed.

With the linen document, you can print the pages. This document has excellent value even for the production of photographs to the text only. You can also choose to get the matte paper. It is very good for you to have it since it has several enjoyable features such as blocking the finger print.



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