Easy Way to Customize A Super Mario Chalkboard Invitation Template

Who does not know Mario from Nintendo? Everyone loves the plum plumber with a red hat atop his head. If you love Super Mario franchise, you might look for Super Mario Chalkboard invitation template when you make an invitation for your birthday.

Once you decide which template you want to use, you might want to customize it so it can suit your needs. When it comes to customizing an invitation, you can play with color themes, fonts, and of course, background. One of the ways to make sure that your invitation looks eye-catching is by choosing a thematic image as a background. So, if you pick a Super Mario chalkboard invitation template, you might want to look for a background that has to do with the theme you pick.

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Luckily, you can customize your invitation even if you do not have any design skills. If you do not work too much on your invitation without making your invitation look lazy, you can look for a background image that automatically frames your text. You might think this kind of image is hard to find, but actually, there are many photos that are made with this idea in mind.

and here’s the preview

After you get the right image, the next thing you need to choose is the font. You need to make sure that the font you choose matches with the background image. Another thing you need to think about is the color of the font. You need to use a color that is in contrast with the background. For example, if you have a light-colored background, then you need to pick a dark color for your font. While if you have a background with dark color, then you need to choose a font with a light color.

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Of course, you still need to make sure that everything goes well with the Super Mario Chalkboard invitation template that you choose.


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