How to Make Sofia the First Chalkboard Invitation Template Look Unique

Your daughter is about to celebrate her birthday and she loves Sofia the First? You should look for Sofia the first chalkboard invitation template. That way, you can make the birthday invitation of your beloved daughter really special. But what if you do not have any design skills? Should you ask for professional designers to help? You totally do not need to do that.

There are some simple things you can do that will make your daughter’s birthday invitation look unique. There are many websites that offer various invitation templates, including Sofia the First chalkboard invitation template. The first thing you need to do is to choose the template you want to modify. After that, you can change a few things to make it look unique. One of the things you can change is the font you use.

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When it comes to choosing font, there are a few rules you can follow. For the header for example, you can choose a decorative font to make it eye-catching. One of the easiest way to make an invitation look interesting is by making an eye-catching header. You can do this by using a bold pattern. Of course, you need to make sure that it still goes with the template you choose. For sub-header, you can still choose a decorative font, but when it comes to body, you better choose a plain text.

and here’s the preview :


Another thing you can change to make your invitation look different than others is the color of the font. If you are making an invitation for children, you can choose a bright color theme. You can also choose colors that contrast each other. For example, you can combine the color red with blue or teal with orange.

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If you already choose Sofia the First chalkboard invitation template though, you might want to use the colors that go along with it, such as pink, purple and blue.


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