Rabitt is one of cute creatures in the world. Everybody likes this creature. Funny and cute face, soft feather, long ears are their attractiveness. Most children like rabbits, too.

This time, drevio.com makes a design with Rabbit Flower theme. The design is cute with the images of a rabbit and flowers surrounding it. The template is very attractive and charming. Please, take this template by downloading or copying to your folder.

Free Printable

The template is free printable. You just need to right click the image and save it in your folder. Open a worksheet in Corel, then import the image from your folder. Edit it to the size you need and also write the detail information of your party, such as the date, the time, and don’t forget the address where the party will be held. You can inform the dress code to make your party cheerful.

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After editing, check the inkjet of your printer and use cardstock paper. You can buy the paper in Amazon.com. If you find any difficulties in writing the information in the worksheet, print it then you can write the detail information by handwriting with a pen.


There are many wordings for writing your invitation. For example:

It’s a twins birthday party!

Brenda and Brian’s 6th Birthday

Sunday, 4th of August, 2019

At 07.00 PM


Don’t miss it!

Are you satisfied with the designs? If so, please come again and again and ask your families and your friends to visit our website. See you soon!

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