Ariel is the daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena of an underwater kingdom of Atlantica. She is often rebellious. She married Prince Eric whom she rescued from a shipwreck.

Ariel Mermaid is one of famous princess of Disney movie. Girls like her figure, because of her beauty and intelligence. made a template in Pink Ariel Mermaid Invitation. It is suitable for birthday invitation for kids.

If you like the template, I tell you that it’s very easy to get. Although it’s an easy printable template, we don’t allow you to make it as commercial purpose. We offer you only in personal purpose.

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Here are the steps: 1) click the image and right click, select Save Image As in the list and save it in your folder, 2) open a worksheet in Ms. Word, for example, copy the image from your folder, then paste into the worksheet, 3) edit the size as the measurement you need, 4) write your detail invitation in the blank space or leave it if you find difficulty in edit the blank space, 5) check the ink supply in the printer and prepare cardstock papers,  then print it.

Wording Example

To fill the blank space, you need to write the detail information of your party consisting the day, date, time, and the address where the party will be held. Maybe you can add the information of dress code or RSVP number. For example:

Alicia 4th Birthday

Friday, August 2nd, 2019

06.00 in the afternoon

At [Venue]

We hope you’re happy to find your favourite templates here. Tell your families and friends about this website. Good luck!

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