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FREE Printable Shimmer and Shine invitation template


Tips to Elaborate on Shimmer and Shine Invitation Template

You can celebrate your kid’s birthday by inviting their friends and have a party. The first thing you need to do right to ensure that your kid’s children come to the party is making an inviting invitation card. If your kid loves the cartoon Shimmer and Shine, you can look for shimmer and shine invitation template and customize it.

Good news for you, there are many websites that offer various templates for invitation cards, from a celebration of a wedding anniversary to a birthday party. Of course, you can also find shimmer and shine invitation template if you are looking in the right website.

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Once you get the template you want to use, what can you do to make it look special? You can try a little experiment with the font styles, the colors, and even the background image. When it comes to fonts if you are confused, here are a few tips. First, you can choose decorative font styles both for the header and the sub-header of the invitation. For the body though, you need to choose a plain font.

Another the style, you can also try experimenting with the color of the fonts. You need to choose the color theme first. Usually, for children, the brighter the colors you use, the better. To make the invitation look even more eye-catching, you can also try to use colors that are in contrast to each other. For example, you can combine purple with yellow or red with green.

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To make sure that the recipients do not get distracted by all the images and fonts is by choosing a focal point. A focal point is a part in a design that will draw someone’s attention. Another thing you need to remember is to make sure that every element goes well with the shimmer and shine invitation template you already choose.



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