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FREE Splish Splash Invitation Template with Photo


How to Make Splish Splash Invitation Template Unique. You can encourage people to attend your party by making a unique invitation card. Does that mean you need to hire a professional designer to do this for you? Not at all. You can look for a template you want to use and change elements of it, such as fonts and colors, and you will have your own unique invitation card. Since there are a lot of websites for this, you can find various templates, even something like splish splash invitation template.

Once you know which template you want to use, the next step you need to do is looking for a background that suits the theme you choose. So if you want to use a splish splash invitation template, then you for an image that suits the theme. You can get a beautiful design without much effort if you choose a background image that can frame your text naturally. You do not need to worry, there are many photos that you can find on the internet that are made for this exact purpose.

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After you choose the background, the next thing you need to customize is the font. One thing you need to remember is that you need to pick a font that is in contrast with the background image. For example, if you choose a background image with light color, then you need to pick a font with a dark color and vice versa. If you want to make sure that the recipient can read the text easily, then you need to make sure that you use 40 font at the least.

Another thing you need to change is the font styles. When it comes to header and sub-header, you can choose a decorative font style. It will draw the attention of the recipient right away. But you need to balance this by using a plain text for the body. You also need to choose fonts that suit the splish splash invitation template that you use.

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