Many kids like ice cream. Sometimes, they buy ice cream when the weather is hot to make their body cooler. Why don’t you try to make a party where there is a lot of Popsicle? Well, on this edition, we are going to give you several collections with Popsicle as the theme.

The layout uses the pictures of the Popsicle in the center of the page while the background is white. You need to write down several words below around the Popsicle:

“Join us for some summer fun (name) is turning five”

“come hula with us (name) is turning 2. Join us for a tropical birthday at … with ice cream.”

Your invitation would easily be saved as quickly as you attempt to follow these steps:

  1. Move your cursor to the picture
  2. Before, decide what invitations you are going to take
  3. Click save to get the images.
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5x 7″ inches are the highest you can get from us. Well, as you want, you can create it larger or lower. We need to let you understand that modifying the picture into PDF can influence the production.






After downloading, you can then deliver the invitation to the printing machine. You can choose to position the linen or canvas as the paper used on the manufacturing portion. Both have a soft texture with excellent ink absorption performance.

You can get the paper from many online shops including amazon. You can also get it offline from the nearest shop from your place. Just take it for granted! What do you waiting for?

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However, you can also sit and brainstorm with your children about their birthday celebration and compose it when they get a few thoughts. Let them be creative as possible. Some of the important items that you have to prepare are invitation, meals, and ornaments.



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