Let your birthday celebration be animated by a minion. Here’s Free Minnions Birthday Invitations. It’s a funny sheet you’ve ever discovered and I’m sure that your mates are interested. Minions are coming in a group to make the invitations looks more delightful than before.

Can you do it? I mean, can you use the invitations for making your birthday more fun?

Yes, absolutely. You must first print out the invitation sheet. You have to use JPEG or PDF formats. It is your responsibility. As for the initial, JPEG provides you the sharper image. It has a large precision in its printer.

Use the PDF file if you want the simplest print. For those who print the pages in PDF formats, I’m sure that the invitations look so clear. You can create it larger or lower than the original picture, which are 5×7” inches.

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Use a black cardstock paper for a more genuine and sturdy minion invitations. The texture is smooth and it is evident. When you print it out, it won’t alter your picture.  Write in full:

“WHATT!? Mason is turning 5! Join us for some despicable fun”

“Our little minion (name) is turning 3! Come help us celebrate!”

You can customize all these phrases using your picture editor. You can resize 5x 7″ inches of images to a bigger or lower volume not only with your software. Therefore, before you print, you can inspect the dimensions. Using your cursor quickly and transfer it to the folder by only clicking on the right and select save to download.

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We promote you to use a number of documents for that purpose: art, linen, jasmine. For the highest consequence, select one of the three.  Send it to your buddies or relatives of your children. We, actually, have others different invitations to help you. Check other libraries carefully and create your children a nice birthday celebration!



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