Hello, think who are eight this month, who is eight? Okay, this month, i would like to buy the Free My Little Sunshine Birthday Invitations to mark with us our child unique day.  The iconic sun really falls in touch with our child. On the top of the page, we will have much tiny smiling sun.  At the center of the page, it looks there is blank spot where you can add several words like:

“Our little sunshine (name) is turning one1 please join us to celebrate on (date) at Sunshine play place “

“Our little sunshine is turning one. Please join us as we celebrate (name)”

On drevio.com, we will offer you many versions of the invitations with different theme. You can download all the invitations here without the need of paying. Just take it for granted. You only need to bring several steps on this section: Click on the picture. Be aware to click right on the mouse, and the last is to click save.

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You need a few photos from to be placed on the center spot. You need to use your photo editor, then click on the image tool, after that, you need to save all the sheets that you need.  The original volume is 5×7” inches but you can make it lower or bigger. It is possible.

Send the invitations to your mates. Ask them to be your friends for birthday. Speak to you that their existence is very important for this event. Choose a directory where you want the paper to be placed. The invitations may finally be replaced with the same file name.  You can request it in jpg type. This allows a restructuring of the layout with software such as Corel Draw to photo editing.

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The marble is the good paper which can be used for any occasion, formal or non-formal. Just seek it on the amazon and you are going to find some.


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