Gather your relatives and your little daughter’s friends for this adorable Hello Kitty birthday party. Make it as a surprise for your little girl who has been waiting for this special day. You can arrange the party both indoor and outdoor. Decorate the spot with Kitty face, such as kitty lantern, balloons, backdrop, and the special one at her birthday cake. If you want to organize it in low-budget party, you can use the home’s backyard. Prepare the food, snacks, and drink and you can give the guests souvenirs in the same theme.

You absolutely need birthday invitations. Find the birthday invitation templates here and you can edit as you wish. Today we have free printable Lovely Hello Kitty birthday invitation templates. There are five different patterns here. Each template is decorated with the image of Hello Kitty and its friends. The template also provides a white blank space where you can write the wordings and detailed information about the party. Well, are you interested? Further information about it will be given in the next section.

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How to Get the Templates for Free?

All templates we have are free downloadable, editable, and you can print your own design easily. You have to do these simple steps to get them.

  1. Click the Download Image button and you will get a new window. It will automatically download in seconds. If you don’t find the button, click the pattern – right click – Save Image As, then save the pattern to your PC.
  2. Open a worksheet in Photoshop and import the pattern. Edit the size and also write the wordings and information. Select Horizontal Type Tools and write the information in the blank area.
  3. When you’re done with the design, prepare the printer and paper. Before printing, check the ink cartridge first. Then prepare cardstock paper for good quality of printing. You can find the paper at stationary stores nearby or you can buy online at
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FREE HELLO KITTY Invitation with My Melody and birds


FREE HELLO KITTY Invitation with birds, clouds, and a doll


FREE HELLO KITTY Invitation with balloons


FREE HELLO KITTY Invitation with My Melody in a cup


FREE HELLO KITTY Invitation with animals in umbrellas


FREE HELLO KITTY Invitation with title

How to Write Good Wordings?

Actually it’s very easy to write the wordings. Make some creative words to attract the attention of the readers. Or if you don’t have any idea, you’d better to search at Google. Well, we give you this example to create your own idea.


We’re blowing up balloons and icing the cake!

There’s a big birthday party

That we hope you can make!

It will be a PURR-FECT celebration

[NAME and AGE] Birthday

Join us on [DAY, DATE, and TIME]



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