Minnie Mouse with her pink bandana! It sounds GREAT! The character of Minnie Mouse is always attractive for little girls, especially Disney Junior’s fans. It will be fun if you choose Minnie Mouse as the theme for your daughter’s birthday party. What should you prepare for the day? 1) Decide when and where the party will be held; 2) make a list of guests; 3) make and distribute birthday invitations. One day before the birthday party, you should do these activities:  4) decorate the spot in the line of the theme; 5) make a birthday cake with the face of Minnie Mouse and write your daughter’s name on the cake; 6) prepare the food, snacks, and drinks; 7) prepare the goodie bags for the guests.

You can find amazing free printable templates here. There are many birthday invitation templates that you can download easily. Today, we have Minnie Mouse’s Pink Bandana-themed birthday invitation template. It’s divided into five different patterns and you’re free to choose and download the templates you like. Each template is decorated with the figure of Minnie Mouse, pink bandana, and her tiara. You’ll find wide blank space on the template. It’s the place for you to write the wording and information. You and your daughter will love the designs very much!

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How to Get Them for Free?

All templates we have can be downloaded and edited for free. You don’t need to pay for the costs. You’ll save your money for having these amazing birthday invitation templates. So, how to get them for free? Let’s do these steps below!

  1. Click download image. The templates are automatically saved in your PC. If you don’t find the button, click the pattern – right click – Save Image As, then save the pattern to your PC.
  2. Open a worksheet in Photoshop Editor. Then edit the size. The standard measurement is 5”x7”.
  3. Write the wordings and the detailed information consisting of the day, date, time, and location of the party. Mention the contact person to confirm the visitor’s attendance.
  4. Print the templates. Use cardstock paper for the best quality. You can buy it at Amazon.com.
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It’s simple, isn’t it. So why don’t you get them now? Feel free to get your favorite templates in various theme, too. Open our gallery to find them.

FREE MINNIE MOUSE Invitation with two images of Minnie, pink bandana, photo space


FREE MINNIE MOUSE Invitation with an image of Minnie, tiara, photo space


FREE MINNIE MOUSE Invitation with pink bandana and photo space


FREE MINNIE MOUSE Invitation with title


FREE MINNIE MOUSE Invitation with an image of Minnie, tiara, ring, photo space


FREE MINNIE MOUSE Invitation with two images of Minnie, ring, pink bandana, photos space

Good Wordings


Birthday party is so much fun!

Come help us celebrate

[NAME and AGE]’s Birthday





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