If the lamb is the symbol of pureness from the animal kingdom, then lavender is the symbol of pureness from the flower kingdom. Lavender is one of the flowers that have a quite strong smell yet have a very beautiful purple colour. Other than pureness, Lavender also becomes the symbol of calmness or peacefulness.

This philosophy is very suitable if you relate it to babies. Baby is considered as a pure and innocent child which can bring the joy and peacefulness to the parent. Then, if you want to hold a baby shower party for your baby girl, you can use the lavender as the theme with the matching lavender baby shower invitations.

As for the downloading and editing part, you can download the lavender baby shower invitations at your house. No need to worry about the options, because our website can offer you many options for invitations and they are free. You can just enter our website and then search for the template and click download.

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You also do not have to worry about the quality because our website offers you only high-quality templates. Moving onto the editing part, you can edit the invitation by typing the words on the available space. You can use the KR Scrappin Babies as the font to match with the theme. Do not forget to colour the words to make it merrier.






The final step is the printing part. You can print the lavender baby shower invitations at your home using any kinds of regular printers. The one thing you should do before you start printing is to check on the instructions about the weight and thickness toleration of your printer. Then, you can buy the 5″x7″ paper material.

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For the paper material, you can go with the linen cardstock. This cardstock is the best cardstock for home-printing. The delicate texture will hide the imperfections and gives a luxurious finish. After that, you can just line up the paper and print like usual.


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