Who does not know the cartoon movie called Lion King? Everyone knows about Lion King. It is considered the best heart-warming cartoon movie in the world. Everyone fascinated by Simba who struggled to reach the King position. His effort and fight since he was young amazed many people.

If you want to hold a DIY baby shower party for your baby boy, you can use the Lion King as the theme with the matching Lion King baby shower invitations. By using the Lion King as the theme, it can also be your prayer so that your son can be a great and strong leader which has kindness in his heart.

In addition to the DIY party, you can download the Lion King baby shower invitations on our website for free. All you need to do is just open your laptop, connect with your internet, and then get into our website. After that, you can choose the template that you want then click download. Do not worry about the quality because our website only offers you top-quality templates.

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Then, to edit the invitations, you can start to type the words onto the available space. You can also use A Little Mixed Up font to match with the theme and invitation background. You can also mix up the colour of the words to make it merrier.






Last is the printing part. You can print the Lion King baby shower invitations at your house using any kinds of regular printers. The first thing you need to do before you print the invitation is to check on the instructions about the weight and thickness of paper material which tolerate by your printer.

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After that, you need to buy the paper which has 5″x7″ size. The common paper for this occasion is the linen cardstock. Despite the limited options for colours, this cardstock can give you a beautiful and luxurious touch as the result. Perfect for a baby shower party. Then, you can just line up the paper and print them as usual. Happy trying!



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