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FREE Printable Glitter Invitation Templates


Simple and Impressive Birthday Invitation Card. Do you need a simple, inexpensive and impressive birthday invitation card? We have many designs of Pink and Gold Birthday Invitation card. It’s not expensive at all, even it’s free of charge.

The card is designed for your baby for his/her 1st birthday party. It looks simple and colourful in the border. It also has a wider blank space that makes you comfortable to make not.





Easy Printing

Well, how do you get it? You should select the template in this web, the copy it. You are free to choose one, two, or three templates for your great birthday invitation. Then, open the Microsoft Word or Photoshop and paste them into a worksheet. What next? Because the size is only 5 x 7 inches, maybe you need to resize your design. Don’t forget to write your note in the blank space before printing.

The next step is preparing your printer and the papers. Check the inkjet and select photo paper for the best quality printing.

Here are the steps:

  1. Identify the card or paper size.
  2. Create printing template.
  3. Load papers in the printer.
  4. In print driver, set custom document size if you use your custom paper size.
  5. Print test in one paper in order you know that the design printed is perfect.

Well, I hope you enjoy this lovely experience. Don’t forget to tell your family member, friends, and colleagues to visit this web and have a lonely experience like you did. So long!



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