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FREE Printable Pokemon Birthday Invitation Templates


Free Printable Pokemon Invitation. It’s cute invitation design, right? Do you know that it’s really easy to have it? You can find it in JPEG format, then edit it in Photoshop software, may be you need to resize the measurement and print it. It’s really easy, isn’t it? The standard size is 5 x7 inches but you may resize it to the measurement you need. I suggest you to print it on glossy photo paper for your best quality printing. But you may print in another paper sheet. By the way, make sure that the printer’s ink is full, because the ink will give effect in printed quality.

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Special Pokemon Invitation

If you are a Pokemon fans, this model is suitable for you. It’s designed colourful and cute, with Pokemon characters in it. The size can be measured as you need. Just print it on papers. You also need a pen or marker to make notes on the blank space. You can write the day and date, the time, and also where the party will be held. Hey…there’s something special here. You can attach the photo here. Wow…awesome!





I Told You “It’s Free”

It’s free! Not only free to select design that you like, but also free of charge. I’m serious! You just need a computer, an editing software, and a printer. You are FREE to print out many times, many sheets, and determine the size you need. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

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So, follow this web for many other creative designs. Don’t forget to tell your colleagues, friends, and your family members about this web. Enjoy it!



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