Do you plan a classic but romantic birthday party? If you like black and white, maybe you agree with this idea. Make black and white decorations from cheap, easy-to-find materials in black and white. You can hang black and white paper lanterns; decorate wall with black and white ribbons and balloons, etc. Make a wonderful black and white birthday cake with beautiful decoration on it.

When the planning is perfect, the next step is to make birthday invitation cards and distribute them. We give you a choice of free printable DIY Lace birthday invitation templates which are black and white borders. There are five choices of designs, you can get one or two or more. Don’t worry about the costs because you can download those templates for free. So, are you ready to get them all? Have a look of the explanation below!

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FREE LACE Invitation with decoration in two corners


FREE LACE Invitation with decoration in two upper corners


FREE LACE Invitation with black border



FREE LACE Invitation with title


FREE LACE Invitation with black rose border


FREE LACE Invitation with brown border

Step 1: Select a template you like and find Download Image above it and the template is automatically saved to your computer. If you don’t find it, take it easy. Click the template, right click on it, and when a list of menu appears on the window choose Save Image As. It will direct to your computer’s drives. Select a drive and a folder to save the template.

Step 2: Open and select Open Photo.

Step 3: Begin your editing. Choose the template just saved. You can use the tools provided and decide the Font and Font Size. Write the wording and information in the blank space. When you’re done, click Save.

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Step 4: If you’re ready to print it, prepare the printer. Check the ink cartridge whether the ink is full or not. It will affect the printing quality. Then, use cardstock paper for the best printing product. You can buy cardstock paper at stores nearby or online at


If your relatives or friends want to arrange low-budgeted parties, suggest them to visit this web. We have so many free editable and printable templates with various themes. Feel free to download, edit, and print them!


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