Does your little girl like Little Pony? Little Pony is famous among children, especially girls, through a movie, then they find Little Pony dolls, books, stickers, and many more.

Since the characters of Little Pony are well known among little girls, it’s good for you to celebrate your daughter’s 5th birthday in this theme. What should you do for the preparation? First of all, you have to decide when and where the party will be held. You can arrange it as a small party at home or a big party in a restaurant, hotel, or the other place. Second, make a list of guests. If you’ll make a low budget party, you should limit the guests. In the contrary, if you make a big party, don’t think twice to invite lots of guests. Third, make birthday invitation cards and distribute them. Fourth, plan the decoration. Fifth, prepare the birthday cake, snacks or food and drinks. Sixth, plan activities during the party so the guests won’t be bored.

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Talking about the birthday invitation, you can use our free printable birthday invitation templates. Use My Little Pony-themed templates in accordance with your party’s theme. We have five different designs which are very nice as your invitation cards. Each design is completed with an empty space, a place for you to write wording and information about the party. You should write when and where your party will be held.

It’s effortless to get the templates. You only need to download the templates you like then they will be automatically saved into your computer. The next step is editing the size and writing the information. The final task is printing out your creative birthday invitation cards. So, how to do? Follow these instructions!

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FREE MY LITTLE PONY Invitation with ponies on left side


FREE MY LITTLE PONY Invitation with ponies on the lower side


FREE MY LITTLE PONY Invitation with Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity


FREE MY LITTLE PONY Invitation with ponies on the lower left side


FREE MY LITTLE PONY Invitation with title


FREE MY LITTLE PONY Invitation with ponies, wording “Happy 5th Birthday”

  1. Click Download Image. The template will be automatically saved to your PC. If you cannot find the button Download Image, click – right click – Save Image As and save the image into your PC.
  2. If you have Adobe Photoshop CS 6, open a worksheet, then drop the image that you want to use in the invitation. Manage the size as you need. To write your wordings and detailed information in the blank space, select Horizontal Type Tools. Write them in the blank space.
  3. When the design is ready, print it out. For the paper, we suggest cardstock paper that you can buy at


It’s so simple, right? If you like this experience, you’re allowed to download the other templates. It’s so fun!


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