We present special templates of wedding invitation. These are free printable Circle Heart wedding invitation templates. The designs look nice with the image of hearts, flowers, and leaves. They look romantic for your wedding invitation. There are six different patterns and you’re free to choose your favorite ones.

Do you know that you can get them for free? You don’t need much time to have them. Besides downloading, you can edit and print the templates. Use our free online software to edit the templates. It’s very easy! Are you curious?

Well, do these simple steps!

  1. Find the Download Image button above and under each template. Click on it, wait for a few minutes and the template selected is automatically saved to your computer.
  2. If you don’t find the Download Image button, click the template, then right click on it and select Save Image As. Save it to your computer manually.
  3. Open Chrome and type https://canvas.drevio.com/start/ and select Open Photo. Here you can use the tools to edit your wedding invitation. When you’re finished, click Save and your design is automatically saved to your computer.
  4. Once again, open the edited design and select Print and fill the form in the menu.
  5. Check the ink cartridge for the best quality and use Cardstock paper. You can buy Cardstock paper at stationary stores nearby or online at Amazon.com.
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Now, you’re ready to distribute the wedding invitation.








You should complete your pretty wedding invitation with interesting wordings. If you don’t have any idea to write them, we give this example:


He loves her

And she loves him

Together with their families

[the names of bride and groom]

Would love for you to join them

As they celebrate their wedding

[the detailed information]


The information consists of the day, date, time, and location where the party will be held.


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