Hey, Hey! The small girl is on the road. Let’s get ready for her child bath. I understand that you are looking for your little princess greatest invitations used for baby shower. Perhaps, these templates can be your child party invitation. These is the unique templates for invite your child’s friends.

The Invitations colors are pink and grey. See some examples of invitations below:

The pink-grey color blend reveals an exquisite theme for your baby showers event. It becomes unique since; grey is a neutral color which is combined with pink. You can still merge this with your creativity in terms of layout. For your child bath invitations, you can mix it with a tree and other nice stuff. This is your creativity. Remember to mix this with a nice wording such as:

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“Please join us for a baby shower honoring (name)”

“It’s a girl. Please join us to celebrate mom-to-be (name)”

The data is also needed. Make sure you send your child party invitations to her friends with the correct data. List the guests who are going to be invited. Two weeks before the baby shower, send it.






You can customize it using your Photoshop design abilities. Use the ‘text’ menu device that is always accessible on the software to type the words into the Photo Editor.  Resizing Pink and Grey Baby Shower Invitation using the resizing instruments and set the dimensions you need. Make the 5 x 7” inches into smaller or larger as you want. You can then ship it to the printing machine and click the key to create it. Do not use popular document like HVS. You need something special like linen, jasmine, art, or canvas. These are the kind of document that is soft and not too textured. The rates of absorption are on the correct line: not too much and not too low.

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