What do you think about these free printable template personalized printed pastel pink and gold invitation designs? Is it chic, romantic, eye-catching, or others? Exactly, the theme is versatile because all kinds of parties can use it. You can use for baby shower, birthday, bridal shower, until the wedding ceremony. The template is multifunction although the design looks simple such as what you see. The personalized printed pastel pink and gold themed invitation consists of a large blank space, flowers, and plantation. Flower and plantation surround the decorative blank space.

How to use Free Printable Template Personalized Printed Pastel Pink and Gold Invitation

As long as following this page, you might wonder who is a tool. All of the themes that ever emerged in this platform are free for everyone. It is no matter for an individual with private and business purposes or the employee of a company. The utility does not limit on one profession, business, and others. Anything your purpose, download the image and upload here https://canvas.drevio.com/start/. Then, you will:

  1. Use the features on the software to customize the text and color.
  2. The icon of the TEXT is useful to inform your event (time, day, and date), location, guest, and others. It is possible to cut, change, and adding the words on the blank space.
  3. To personalize it and showing your character can be through the color customizing. Add, change, or cut the color of the background and other parts if it is necessary.
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Browse the Templates below








Just resize and print your Template Invitation

The appropriate size for printing an invitation is 5 x 7 inches and it applies for landscape and portrait orientations. Alongside that, the paper is cardstock, not others. You can resize and determine the paper after pressing CTRL + P.

Those are the steps that you must do in a free printable template personalized printed pastel pink and gold invitation. Feel free to use whatever your party is!


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