In real life, an owl is a bird that is difficult to see. It includes a nocturnal animal that active at night. Occasionally, the bird that looks like a cat sounds frightening unless here. Free printable template owl baby shower invitation looks attractive. You can choose one of the designs with the owl in red, blue, pink, grey, or yellow. It turns out the owl themed baby shower invitation is not only appropriate for a boy but also a girl. It infers from the colors that are available on the template.

Who and How to use Free Printable Template Owl Baby Shower Invitation

The first party that can use the invitation template is the parents to be. Secondly, they are willing to hold the baby shower for the nearest people. Thirdly, the graphic designer and everyone want to use it for fun. Whoever you are, how to use the printable template is not different. You will start by downloading the picture and customize it here It is free online software for customizing text and color such as below:

  1. Upload for customizing the text on the blank space on the owl body. The function of the text customization here is to inform on a detailed event. Guest name, sender, time, place, day, and date are the essential aspects that must include. Afterward, you may add other words or cut the existing text that you dislike.
  2. If you choose the blue owl but you dislike the color, you may change it freely. The rule is for all designs of the invitation.
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Browse the Invitation Templates below






Owl themed Invitation is ready to print

Well, it looks suitable for your desire but have you checked it again? Do it to avoid any mistake before printing the result. Then, press CTRL + P, choose cardstock paper, and the size in 5 x 7 inches. By the way, the size is for all orientations such as landscape and portrait.

After that, your free printable template owl baby shower invitation is ready to use (send). Thank you for reading and hopefully, it is useful anything your purpose.


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