Can’t decide what kind of baby shower invitation is right for you? Then, why don’t you think about downloading our ice cream themed invitation? This invitation looks catchy and charming. It is also informative because it might give clear details such as your baby’s name-to-be, the date, place, and time to the people whom you invite. Get your free printable ice cream invitation template on our web for free now.

To download ice cream invitation, you need to find and click the download button. It is free whether or not you use your PC or your smart-phone to download it. Once you are done, you can open it with the app on your device. Mostly, our invitation is available in Adobe Photoshop app. Yet, it is possible to use other software such as Paint.

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With the JPG file, you could customize the text, change the background color, etc. Of course, you need to create such a creative, funny, and refreshing invitation card since it is for your baby. Let you use the features exist on your PC.

Our free printable ice cream invitation template comes in HD resolution with three different color tones’ combination including pink, green, and purple. As for the background, it uses brown color. The pink color is suitable for a baby girl. Whereas, for a baby boy, green ice cream invitation might be a perfect choice.

Are you done with your invitation? Then, you could print it with your home printer. If you do not have, you may go to the printing shop near your home. Before printing, choose the right invitation papers such as a cardstock paper, vellum, glassine, board cardstock, pearlescent, engraving, letterpress, embossing, etc. Do not forget to use the colorful ink for printing it. Well done! Let you share your invitation to your family, friends, or neighbors!

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