Are you pregnant and about to deliver a baby girl soon? Then, you must feel very happy and want to hold a baby showering party as for your thank to God. Well, you may invite your family, friends, and neighbors with it’s a girl themed invitation. This invitation template is very beautiful and looks very flowery. This free printable its a girl invitation template is also informative; it stores details such as the date, place, time, etc.

Thus, it’s a girl invitation is free for you to download. You need to find and tap the download button above or below the template. Well, you need to have an internet connection to download it though. Once you are successful, let you open the template with your factory app in your PC or other devices such as a smartphone. Mostly, our invitation is available in Adobe Photoshop app. Thus, you could also open it with other apps such as Paint or Corel on your computer.

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With that software, you could edit our HD resolution invitation by changing the text, adding colorful arts, etc. Since this invitation is for your new baby born, it is a must for you to make it colorful, interesting, and refreshing. Use the supported features available on your software!

Our free printable its a girl invitation template uses three different color combinations such as pink, green, and transparent orange. As for the background, it uses white color which suits and blends the color tones. Finally, this invitation is perfect for a baby girl.

Once you finish with your invitation, you could print it with your printer with the color ink and a pearlescent paper. This paper might be sparkling since it has a shimmer on its top finish. Share your invitation with your big family, close friends, or surrounding neighbors in person.

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