Summer time! Time for freshness. Freshness is a happy feeling. That’s why made lots of templates in fresh and cheerful themes. One of them is FREE Printable Ice Cream invitation.

We design the template in colourful one. The invitation design is suitable for kid’s birthday party. Do you like it? How to get it?

It’s Printable

You can get the template easily. First, click then right click the image. It will appear a menu, choose Save Image As and save it to your folder. Second, open a worksheet in Ms.Word, Coreldraw, or Photoshop. If you use Ms. Word, copy the image in your folder then paste it into the worksheet. If you use Coreldraw or Photoshop, import the image from the folder.  Third, edit the image both the size (the source is 5 x 7 inches). Fourth, write your information consists of day & date, time, and the address where the party will be held. The final step is print it.

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There are many wordings for birthday invitation. You have to give the information of day, date, time, and the address. This is a bunch of wording example:


Let’s have fun, guys!

Dion’s 6th birthday

August 1st, 2019

At 05.00 PM



Come again anytime and don’t forget to tell your families and friends about our website.



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