It’s a special occasion and you decide to celebrate your 40th party, don’t confuse with the wording. You can choose serious or humorous approach to wording the invitation. You wording choice will show your personality when turning 40th. Be wise by turning 40th, or maybe transform to a humorous people. Celebrate 40th birthday is a milestone for some people, you should make it as memorial birthday and make them remember about your birthday.

So decide wisely. First of all, you should know about your friends and your personality, you can begin your invitation with an announcement or heading that give your recipients advice about who and what the party is for. Choose best word that reflects your party theme, if you’re celebrating formal party, then the headline should follows, such as “Mario is turning 40.” Good invitation design won’t able to generate invitees excitement without good wording in your invitation. Here are some simple tutorial about 40th wording ideas for your invitations.

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And you can visit in our website in Drevio Canvas. Drevio canvas is website that makes it easy for users to customize their own invitation online, and specially this theme is Free Download. Bunch of wording example you can create. Here we have an example of wording for kids.
The party will be held in:

Date: Wednesday, 23 April 2019

Time: 04.00 PM – 06.00 PM

Address :  Caroline Restaurant, 19th Street North

RSVP : 5254 3217 8516

How to Download this Template?

Save the image as, then print the invitation in your nearest printshop. You may ask them to customise it with picture processing software like Photoshop or Coreldraw. Ask them to write down down your party details, like time, date and placement of your Fortnite Battle Royale party.

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