The concepts of cookie are very good for the birthday party. Ask your children to bring the cookie to be exchanged with their friends on the birthday party. Thus, invite them first with some phrases with:

“You are invited to a cookie exchange at ….”

“Join us for a milk cookies pajama party! at ….”

Those invitations can be sent to your collages, mates, friends, and family.  Nevertheless, you might attach several distinct identical information. There is also the chance where you would be able to insert an image of Christmas ornament.

The materials for printing the template could be used as jasmine document. It has a matte feel and doffs texture so that through the paper, the design and the texts inside can be produced well since those kinds of paper generates luxury and style. That’s for private use, not for business use.






If you are concerned with JPG quality, do not be concerned! With its high quality templates, you will not get fuzzy outcomes if you publish your invitations in 5x 7″ inches. However, you can easily adapt it.

How can the pages be printed? Just select the picture. Then choose save. You will then get your picture prepared. Add a few decorations that you believe are very appropriate for you. Open the PNG page allows you to get the free decorations. Then on the photo editor, you can print it. If you think that you can’t do it alone, hire a freelancer. You have to make the invitations more esthetic as you want.

Well, what are you waiting for? On our page, you will not only get the birthday invitations, but you can also get the page which you can use for many occasion. You just need to grab all of it and utilize  as you want.


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