“Set your sights on (name)’s 1st birthday. Please join us as we celebrate (name)’s Birthday with the camo squads”

“Set your sights on Kyle Bluthe’s birthday party with the camo squad”

Those are several things which can be written on our birthday invitations. Hi, sweetie! For you, a mum and dad, I’m going to inform you this invitation which uses the camo motif. This unique model is presented for you with a camo background.

A camo is the same as army, as we understand. In addition, we can mix camo subjects with other items. Our personalized cards measuring 5 x 7 inches are designed in vivid colors on a cardstock paper of 100 weight value. Each invitation contains a free space where you can enter the words and details.

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On this edition, we have 7 kinds of camo invitations which can be necessary for the exchange. Each invitations can be customized to render your additional message unique by adding private features.








You can welcome your birthday partners with the theme. You don’t need to spend money to create your invitation sheet. Second, our sketches are always fresh and interesting. Press the image and save the image as the fresh document. Don’t be scared. These invitations come in high-quality image which would not be break. You can edit it with Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word. You can change the dimension range to lower and larger from 5x 7 “inches into others size. You can insert several phrases on the empty room, for example:

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You can then attach several information one the worksheets, like location and moment.

How can I obtain this model?

Just right-click on the picture and then choose save.

What paper is suitable for the sheets?

Any kind of paper is possible to be used. Well, we try to provide you with linen or jasmine.



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